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===== MAIN: learn based on training data =====
=== START program1: ./run learn ../dataset2/train
rm: cannot remove `task.*': No such file or directory
WARNING: feature count cutoff is experimental, at icsiboost.c:1887 0ERROR: wrong number of columns (2), "doc2045,sean coffei se&aacut ; n coffei se&aacut ; n ( aka john t. ) coffei is an associ professor at the univers of michigan <comma> ann arbor <comma> depart of electr engin and comput scienc <comma> and a member of the commun and signal process laboratory. e-mail : scoffei @ mail : rm. 4238 eec build <comma> univers of michigan <comma> 1301 beal avenu <comma> ann arbor mi 48109-2122 <comma> usa tel. : ( 313 ) 764-5215 fax : ( 313 ) 763-1503 research activ i pursu a wide rang of topic in inform theori and channel code theory. i am current most interest in the develop of a gener theori cover effici context-depend retriev of inform from large-scal databas <comma> and in particular in the applic of idea from inform and code theori to thi problem. i am also interest in all aspect of the structur <comma> properti <comma> and decod of channel codes. select public j.t. coffei <comma> r.m. goodman <comma> and p.g. farrel <comma> " new approach to reduced-complex decod <comma> " discret appli mathemat <comma> vol. 33 <comma> nos. 1-3 <comma> pp. 43-60 <comma> octob 1991. [ abstract ] j.t. coffei <comma> t. herbsman <comma> and s. sechrest <comma> " inform theori approach to inform retriev <comma> " in commun theori and applic ii <comma> hw commun ltd. <comma> lancast <comma> u.k. <comma> 1994. [ abstract ] a.b. kieli and j.t. coffei <comma> " on the capac of a cascad of channel <comma> " ieee transact on inform theori <comma> vol. 39 <comma> no. 5 <comma> pp.1031-1037 <comma> septemb 1993. [ abstract ] a.b. kieli <comma> j.t. coffei <comma> and m.r.bell <comma> " optim inform bit decod of linear block code <comma> " ieee transact on inform theori <comma> vol. 41 <comma> no. 1 <comma> pp. 130-140 <comma> januari 1995. [ abstract ] j.t. coffei and a.b. kieli <comma> " the capac of code system <comma> " to appear in ieee transact on inform theory. [ abstract ] research group class eec 401 : probabilist method in engin ( last taught fall '95 ) eec 453 : analog commun signal and system ( last taught winter '94 ) eec 455 : digit commun signal and system ( last taught winter '95 ) eec 501 : probabl and random process ( last taught winter '92 ) eec 550 : inform theori ( last taught fall '94 ) eec 650 : channel code theori ( last taught winter '96 ) www link ieee inform theori societi nasa/jpl telecommun and data acquisit progress report nsf network & commun research : 1994 report on research direct u.s. feder commun commiss galileo mission to jupit collect of comput scienc bibliographi all electr engin program worldwid updat tuesdai <comma> august 6 <comma> 1996 by sean coffei ", line 432 in, at icsiboost.c:1078
=== END program1: ./run learn ../dataset2/train --- FAILED [291s]

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