SVMlight for binary classification using a RBF kernel (
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ID Program Dataset Tuned hyper. User Updated << Status Total time Memory Error
Run #43149 svmlight-rbf Cancer no Hossein 2y93d ago done 1s 25M 0.387
Run #41377 svmlight-rbf QualityMeasurement no linflyer 2y206d ago done 3h59m 86M 0.077
Run #39843 svmlight-rbf IBM_std no jmatos 2y310d ago done 1m24s 68M 0.492
Run #39808 svmlight-rbf IBM no jmatos 2y310d ago done 4m38s 68M 0.489
Run #39626 svmlight-rbf fMRINH no Accamma 2y348d ago done 1s 26M 0.604
Run #39482 svmlight-rbf Los tres mosqueteros no chuertas 2y361d ago done 2m58s 81M 0.781
Run #39382 svmlight-rbf economicalData no pdoviet 2y362d ago done 9m38s 87M 0.124
Run #39383 svmlight-rbf economicalData no pdoviet 2y362d ago done 10m34s 87M 0.124
Run #39216 svmlight-rbf Ot Products no chuertas 3y24d ago failed 5h0m 111M
Run #37080 svmlight-rbf Concentration of 167 compounds for 70H and 70A no OlavRG 3y185d ago done 2s 23M 0.524
Run #36927 svmlight-rbf Concentration of 30 compounds for 70H and 70A no OlavRG 3y195d ago done 1s 29M 0.524
Run #36784 svmlight-rbf HealthyS12AsthmaS12 no zeros no OlavRG 3y230d ago done 4m42s 31M 0.524
Run #36704 svmlight-rbf asthma_breath_spectra_binneg no tycho01 3y239d ago done 3m48s 30M 0.389
Run #36629 svmlight-rbf asthma_breath_spectra_nonans no tycho01 3y247d ago done 14m17s 121M 0.619
Run #36183 svmlight-rbf shop-3 no tucson 3y313d ago done 11s 65M 0.259
Run #36167 svmlight-rbf ro-lts no chuertas 3y341d ago failed 2h0m 104M
Run #34985 svmlight-rbf wbj no cheeyos 3y359d ago done 47s 45M 0.782
Run #30624 svmlight-rbf fmri big Data no Accamma 4y33d ago done 1m45s 87M 0.894
Run #30457 svmlight-rbf repere no Veovis 4y119d ago done 35m1s 86M 0.105
Run #30411 svmlight-rbf test6 no jinjingwen 4y128d ago done 1s 20M 0.138
Run #30404 svmlight-rbf test4 no jinjingwen 4y128d ago done 1s 19M 0.338
Run #30400 svmlight-rbf test3 no jinjingwen 4y128d ago done 1s 29M 0.558
Run #30365 svmlight-rbf lamy_sub1_TR9 no jinjingwen 4y130d ago done 1s 25M 0.338
Run #30270 svmlight-rbf Gender Recognition [DCT] no torque 4y156d ago done 16s 28M 0.515
Run #30161 svmlight-rbf copt test binary class no emrah 4y182d ago done 12m16s 78M 0.091

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