The libTextCat library, which is covered under the BSD License and can be downloaded via This is the version from the libTextCat website, to which I have added a (very simple and inefficient) Ruby wrapper to make it work within MLcomp.
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ID Program Dataset Tuned hyper. User Updated << Status Total time Memory Error
Run #30281 libtextcat-2.2-wrap document-classification-sample no abdulwahabadi 4y145d ago done 28s 70M 0
Run #16993 libtextcat-2.2-wrap 3 no internal 5y290d ago done 0.308
Run #14906 libtextcat-2.2-wrap foaad-test4 no internal 6y281d ago failed 36s 72M
Run #14905 libtextcat-2.2-wrap foaad-test3 no internal 6y281d ago done 25s 37M 1
Run #14904 libtextcat-2.2-wrap foaad-test2 no internal 6y281d ago done 15s 51M 1
Run #13873 libtextcat-2.2-wrap foaad-test5 no foaad 6y327d ago done 18s 57M 0.769
Run #8259 libtextcat-2.2-wrap wordlists-language no internal 7y196d ago done 58m29s 46M 0.030
Run #8258 libtextcat-2.2-wrap 20news-18828 no internal 7y196d ago done 19m4s 44M 0.830
Run #8260 libtextcat-2.2-wrap webkb-4-universities-wisconsin-test no internal 7y196d ago done 7m40s 44M 0.686
Run #7646 libtextcat-2.2-wrap document-classification-sample no gijs 7y196d ago done 14s 66M 0.333

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