Adaboost on single level decision trees. AT&T's closed-source implementation. See
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ID Program Dataset Tuned hyper. User Updated << Status Total time Memory Error
Run #43005 boostexter projectTALEP_All no JeanC83 2y45d ago failed 3m5s 1372M
Run #42792 boostexter projectTALEP_All no JeanC83 2y49d ago failed 2m35s 1011M
Run #42285 boostexter projectTALEP no JeanC83 2y71d ago failed 5h0m 789M
Run #39753 boostexter GoodStudents no chuertas 2y258d ago failed 17s 71M
Run #39395 boostexter economicalData no pdoviet 2y308d ago done 15m48s 144M 0.125
Run #39053 boostexter Ot Products no chuertas 2y345d ago done 16m16s 71M 0.221
Run #38348 boostexter Autism RPKM RNA-Seq no qquasar 3y21d ago done 13m24s 57M 0.570
Run #38271 boostexter FS Challenge Dexter no chuertas 3y34d ago done 8s 31M 0.110
Run #38228 boostexter Plancarta FE v1.0 no chuertas 3y36d ago done 34m28s 120M 0.657
Run #37947 boostexter Axon Cars d500 t200 no chuertas 3y51d ago failed 6h0m 1308M
Run #37913 boostexter Axon Cars no chuertas 3y53d ago done 1h24m 108M 0.820
Run #37791 boostexter Plancarta r16.0 no chuertas 3y68d ago done 18h46m 529M 0.748
Run #37749 boostexter cosas no nvaraschin 3y77d ago done 27s 33M 0.138
Run #37152 boostexter HealthyS12AsthmaS12 no zeros no OlavRG 3y128d ago failed 6s 40M
Run #36957 boostexter Concentration of 30 compounds for 70H and 70A no OlavRG 3y140d ago done 1s 33M 0.381
Run #36747 boostexter HandVsMachine no chuertas 3y180d ago failed 31s 116M
Run #36581 boostexter EvoBio 13.0x+N no chuertas 3y195d ago done 1m6s 40M 0.123
Run #36556 boostexter EvoBio 15.0x+N no chuertas 3y195d ago done 53s 37M 0.108
Run #36532 boostexter EvoBio 14.0x+N no chuertas 3y195d ago done 1m0s 39M 0.123
Run #36476 boostexter EvoBio 11.0x+N no chuertas 3y196d ago done 1m30s 44M 0.062
Run #36393 boostexter EvoBio FULL no chuertas 3y201d ago failed 1s 61M
Run #36386 boostexter EvoTesting 40-Factor no chuertas 3y202d ago done 6s 29M 0.231
Run #36352 boostexter EvoBio 10.0x+N no chuertas 3y203d ago done 1m52s 48M 0.062
Run #34977 boostexter wbj no cheeyos 3y306d ago failed 1s 32M
Run #30735 boostexter fMRI KMeans no Accamma 3y339d ago done 5m19s 41M 0.056

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