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ID Program Dataset Tuned hyper. User Updated << Status Total time Memory Error
Run #39029 crfpp clef_run_100_lines no devanshujain919 2y341d ago done 2s 42M 1
Run #39027 crfpp clef_run_1 no devanshujain919 2y341d ago failed 46m33s 1498M
Run #38208 crfpp vdj1 no sdwfrost 3y31d ago done 11m19s 83M 0.007
Run #30563 crfpp pos-conll2000 no buck 3y350d ago failed 6m52s 1443M
Run #29624 crfpp ftbext-pos no moot 4y241d ago failed 1s 0B
Run #29620 crfpp ftb-plus-ner no moot 4y241d ago done 2h11m 589M 0.248
Run #15602 crfpp Ester2_rules_Nouvel no damien 6y167d ago done 17m0s 696M 0.060
Run #12105 crfpp prods no zahran 6y290d ago failed 2s 0B
Run #11196 crfpp nlg-grec10-eng no favre 7y75d ago done 13m3s 49M 0.391
Run #8224 crfpp pos-conll2000 no internal 7y136d ago failed 7m27s 1448M
Run #8226 crfpp grippro no internal 7y136d ago done 2m26s 91M 0.030
Run #8225 crfpp NikhilDatasetTokenWithPTBT no internal 7y136d ago done 1s 54M 0.039
Run #7364 crfpp srl-media1-fra no favre 7y135d ago done 1d5h 1402M 0.147
Run #7402 crfpp jdpa-bnp-pos BIO no njakob 7y135d ago done 5m11s 217M 0.680
Run #7393 crfpp chunking-conll2000 no rainarch 7y135d ago done 1h34m 894M 0.062
Run #7369 crfpp ner-conll-2002-esp no gchrupala 7y135d ago failed 1s 0B
Run #7359 crfpp ner-ester1-fra no favre 7y135d ago failed 3m3s 603M
Run #2508 crfpp ner-conll2003-deu no internal 7y135d ago done 26m28s 1478M 0.543
Run #2507 crfpp ner-conll2003-eng no internal 7y135d ago done 21m27s 444M 0.223
Run #2505 crfpp sequence-conll-sample no internal 7y135d ago done 1s 0B 0.429

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