Adaboost on single-level deicision trees / tokenizer+stemmer+3gram bag-of-words
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ID Program Dataset Tuned hyper. User Updated << Status Total time Memory Error
Run #46715 icsiboost bigdata no wer 1y257d ago failed 4m41s 38M
Run #28175 icsiboost testQ2Q10 no rsocher 5y86d ago done 5s 27M 0.439
Run #28172 icsiboost testSplit no rsocher 5y86d ago done 3s 35M 0.210
Run #16018 icsiboost 3 no sarasg 6y32d ago failed 1s 22M
Run #13870 icsiboost foaad-test5 no foaad 6y326d ago done 13s 62M 0.462
Run #13868 icsiboost foaad-test4 no foaad 6y326d ago failed 9s 62M
Run #13865 icsiboost foaad-test3 no foaad 6y328d ago done 10s 62M 1
Run #13863 icsiboost foaad-test2 no foaad 6y328d ago done 15s 62M 1
Run #8252 icsiboost wordlists-language no internal 7y195d ago done 56m56s 1068M 0.035
Run #8253 icsiboost webkb-4-universities-wisconsin-test no internal 7y195d ago failed 5m7s 37M
Run #7388 icsiboost document-classification-sample no curious_miner 7y195d ago done 1s 0B 0
Run #7376 icsiboost 20news-18828 no favre 8y6d ago failed 5m8s 2300M

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