Stochastic Gradient Descent CRF by Leon Bottou (
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ID Program Dataset Tuned hyper. User Updated << Status Total time Memory Error
Run #38217 crfsgd vdj1 no sdwfrost 3y30d ago done 6m58s 158M 0.007
Run #29625 crfsgd ftbext-pos no moot 4y241d ago done 4h42m 257M 0.490
Run #27509 crfsgd petals_seq2_test_zip no evolk 5y193d ago done 1m21s 89M 0.443
Run #15601 crfsgd Ester2_rules_Nouvel no damien 6y167d ago done 7m26s 126M 0.055
Run #14723 crfsgd prods no internal 6y221d ago done 19s 28M 0.070
Run #14722 crfsgd onet no internal 6y221d ago failed 15s 20M
Run #11508 crfsgd Czech Named Entity Corpus 1.0 no pliang 7y25d ago failed 5h0m 387M
Run #11195 crfsgd nlg-grec10-eng no favre 7y75d ago done 2m1s 43M 0.387
Run #8223 crfsgd grippro no internal 7y136d ago done 6m33s 129M 0.030
Run #8222 crfsgd NikhilDatasetTokenWithPTBT no internal 7y136d ago done 9s 39M 0.043
Run #7413 crfsgd pos-conll2000 no favre 7y135d ago done 34m13s 159M 0.072
Run #7401 crfsgd jdpa-bnp-pos BIO no njakob 7y135d ago done 3m1s 146M 0.661
Run #7363 crfsgd srl-media1-fra no favre 7y135d ago done 2h0m 111M 0.149
Run #7358 crfsgd ner-ester1-fra no favre 7y135d ago done 46m8s 547M 0.206
Run #7368 crfsgd ner-conll-2002-esp no gchrupala 7y135d ago done 3m49s 159M 0.918
Run #7290 crfsgd chunking-conll2000 yes Magus 7y135d ago failed 1s 34M
Run #7240 crfsgd ner-conll2003-deu no pliang 7y135d ago done 4m3s 129M 0.495
Run #7239 crfsgd ner-conll2003-eng no pliang 7y135d ago done 3m44s 132M 0.216
Run #7230 crfsgd chunking-conll2000 no internal 7y135d ago done 11m47s 140M 0.062
Run #7229 crfsgd sequence-conll-sample no internal 7y135d ago done 1s 0B 0.429

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