This programs is part of the WEKA classifier library. The code used to generate this program is from the java class 'weka/classifiers/rules/' from WEKA's libraries. The following description was taken from this classes JavaDoc information:

An implementation of a RIpple-DOwn Rule learner. It generates a default rule first and then the exceptions for the default rule with the least (weighted) error rate. Then it generates the "best" exceptions for each exception and iterates until pure. Thus it performs a tree-like expansion of exceptions.The exceptions are a set of rules that predict classes other than the default. IREP is used to generate the exceptions. For more information about Ripple-Down Rules, see: Brian R. Gaines, Paul Compton (1995). Induction of Ripple-Down Rules Applied to Modeling Large Databases. J. Intell. Inf. Syst.. 5(3):211-228.

NOTE: This algorithm has no parameter tuning, it is using the default WEKA parameters

NOTE: WEKA's Classifiers read a data in the .arff format. For Multiclass datasets, the SVMlight format converted to .arff multiclass format so they can be read by WEKA programs
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Run #42950 Ridor_weka_nominal projectTALEP no JeanC83 2y104d ago failed 10m15s 611M
Run #42828 Ridor_weka_nominal projectTALEP_All no JeanC83 2y105d ago failed 1h11m 1524M
Run #41764 Ridor_weka_nominal ProductClassys no chuertas 2y170d ago failed 3m37s 418M
Run #39771 Ridor_weka_nominal GoodStudents no chuertas 2y314d ago failed 5h0m 418M
Run #39451 Ridor_weka_nominal Los tres mosqueteros no chuertas 2y364d ago done 1m9s 418M 0.046
Run #39066 Ridor_weka_nominal Ot Products no chuertas 3y36d ago failed 5h0m 418M
Run #38022 Ridor_weka_nominal Axon Cars d50 t200 no chuertas 3y106d ago failed 3h0m 418M
Run #37805 Ridor_weka_nominal Plancarta r16.0 no chuertas 3y124d ago failed 32m12s 1077M
Run #37145 Ridor_weka_nominal HealthyS12AsthmaS12 no zeros no OlavRG 3y185d ago done 1m35s 428M 0.310
Run #36758 Ridor_weka_nominal HandVsMachine no chuertas 3y236d ago failed 9m47s 433M
Run #36591 Ridor_weka_nominal EvoBio 13.0x+N no chuertas 3y251d ago done 42s 418M 0.138
Run #35532 Ridor_weka_nominal ro-lts no chuertas 3y349d ago failed 59s 420M
Run #30747 Ridor_weka_nominal fMRI KMeans 568T no Accamma 4y30d ago done 2m11s 418M 0.876
Run #30515 Ridor_weka_nominal credit_small3 no gkoundry 4y89d ago done 27s 424M 0.062
Run #30479 Ridor_weka_nominal repere no Veovis 4y122d ago done 14m42s 424M 0.080
Run #29176 Ridor_weka_nominal fml_project2 no gtledward 4y342d ago done 5s 418M 0.510
Run #28989 Ridor_weka_nominal 198pgpopPts no linflyer 4y363d ago done 5s 423M 0.119
Run #28845 Ridor_weka_nominal Sca Mov Direction no andresvila 5y7d ago done 2s 413M 0.006
Run #28844 Ridor_weka_nominal Sca All Direction no andresvila 5y7d ago done 11s 416M 0.012
Run #28718 Ridor_weka_nominal Sca Motion no andresvila 5y7d ago done 1s 413M 0.010
Run #28454 Ridor_weka_nominal NORMALIZED DATA no GregSen 5y48d ago done 6s 418M 0.240
Run #28048 Ridor_weka_nominal correct s1 eg2008jk no emrah 5y105d ago failed 3m45s 430M
Run #27852 Ridor_weka_nominal 20news no sidaw 5y228d ago failed 5h0m 418M
Run #21404 Ridor_weka_nominal ralign-random no internal 5y292d ago done 0.127
Run #17458 Ridor_weka_nominal songsAndEmotions#3 no internal 5y292d ago done 0

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