This programs is part of the WEKA classifier library. The code used to generate this program is from the java class 'weka/classifiers/functions/' from WEKA's libraries. The following description was taken from this classes JavaDoc information:

Implements John Platt's sequential minimal optimization algorithm for training a support vector classifier. This implementation globally replaces all missing values and transforms nominal attributes into binary ones. It also normalizes all attributes by default. (In that case the coefficients in the output are based on the normalized data, not the original data --- this is important for interpreting the classifier.) Multi-class problems are solved using pairwise classification (1-vs-1 and if logistic models are built pairwise coupling according to Hastie and Tibshirani, 1998). To obtain proper probability estimates, use the option that fits logistic regression models to the outputs of the support vector machine. In the multi-class case the predicted probabilities are coupled using Hastie and Tibshirani's pairwise coupling method. Note: for improved speed normalization should be turned off when operating on SparseInstances. For more information on the SMO algorithm, see J. Platt: Machines using Sequential Minimal Optimization. In B. Schoelkopf and C. Burges and A. Smola, editors, Advances in Kernel Methods - Support Vector Learning, 1998. S.S. Keerthi, S.K. Shevade, C. Bhattacharyya, K.R.K. Murthy (2001). Improvements to Platt's SMO Algorithm for SVM Classifier Design. Neural Computation. 13(3):637-649. Trevor Hastie, Robert Tibshirani: Classification by Pairwise Coupling. In: Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, 1998.

NOTE: This algorithm has no parameter tuning, it is using the default WEKA parameters

NOTE: WEKA's Classifiers read a data in the .arff format. For Multiclass datasets, the SVMlight format converted to .arff multiclass format so they can be read by WEKA programs
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Run #37138 SMO_weka_nominal HealthyS12AsthmaS12 no zeros no OlavRG 1d4h ago done 2m14s 423M 0.310
Run #37085 SMO_weka_nominal Concentration of 167 compounds for 70H and 70A no OlavRG 3d23h ago done 1s 30M 0.405
Run #36943 SMO_weka_nominal EvoBio 2.0x no chuertas 13d12h ago failed 19m52s 1252M
Run #36929 SMO_weka_nominal Concentration of 30 compounds for 70H and 70A no OlavRG 14d4h ago done 25s 413M 0.333
Run #36877 SMO_weka_nominal mt_error_reranking no favre 25d3h ago done 1m43s 418M 0.526
Run #36748 SMO_weka_nominal HandVsMachine no chuertas 52d18h ago failed 10m3s 433M
Run #36610 SMO_weka_nominal asthma_breath_spectra_nonans no tycho01 66d20h ago done 1m56s 418M 0.429
Run #36584 SMO_weka_nominal EvoBio 13.0x+N no chuertas 67d15h ago done 32s 418M 0.123
Run #36559 SMO_weka_nominal EvoBio 15.0x+N no chuertas 67d19h ago done 44s 418M 0.138
Run #36535 SMO_weka_nominal EvoBio 14.0x+N no chuertas 67d22h ago done 33s 418M 0.123
Run #36507 SMO_weka_nominal EvoBio 12.0x+N no chuertas 68d6h ago done 52s 418M 0.092
Run #36480 SMO_weka_nominal EvoBio 11.0x+N no chuertas 68d9h ago done 55s 417M 0.092
Run #36396 SMO_weka_nominal EvoBio FULL no chuertas 73d16h ago failed 20m51s 1522M
Run #36354 SMO_weka_nominal EvoBio 10.0x+N no chuertas 75d8h ago done 1m26s 419M 0.108
Run #35523 SMO_weka_nominal EuUnexamples000 no chuertas 166d4h ago done 1h0m 423M 4.39e-04
Run #35491 SMO_weka_nominal tweets.svm.40k no chuertas 166d4h ago failed 2h34m 424M
Run #35507 SMO_weka_nominal spokenNameReco1.0 no chuertas 166d6h ago done 4m37s 418M 0.094
Run #35474 SMO_weka_nominal neut_1.-.005.tiny no chuertas 166d6h ago done 12m12s 430M 0.215
Run #35480 SMO_weka_nominal Sentiment2000 no chuertas 166d7h ago done 1m56s 431M 0.170
Run #35457 SMO_weka_nominal 20news-hardware no chuertas 166d7h ago failed 1m50s 429M
Run #35463 SMO_weka_nominal ER_s3_DUT no chuertas 166d7h ago done 24s 423M 0.556
Run #35451 SMO_weka_nominal Unencrypted Google Instant no chuertas 166d7h ago failed 55s 418M
Run #35428 SMO_weka_nominal Google Health Network Data no chuertas 166d7h ago failed 4m57s 418M
Run #35440 SMO_weka_nominal father no chuertas 166d7h ago failed 57s 424M
Run #35433 SMO_weka_nominal dominionstats - tiny no chuertas 166d7h ago done 9s 425M 0.377

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