This programs is part of the WEKA classifier library. The code used to generate this program is from the java class 'weka/classifiers/lazy/' from WEKA's libraries. The following description was taken from this classes JavaDoc information:

Nearest-neighbour classifier. Uses normalized Euclidean distance to find the training instance closest to the given test instance, and predicts the same class as this training instance. If multiple instances have the same (smallest) distance to the test instance, the first one found is used. For more information, see D. Aha, D. Kibler (1991). Instance-based learning algorithms. Machine Learning. 6:37-66.

NOTE: This algorithm has no parameter tuning, it is using the default WEKA parameters

NOTE: WEKA's Classifiers read a data in the .arff format. For Multiclass datasets, the SVMlight format converted to .arff multiclass format so they can be read by WEKA programs
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Run #42946 IB1_weka_nominal projectTALEP no JeanC83 2y102d ago failed 5h0m 611M
Run #42826 IB1_weka_nominal projectTALEP_All no JeanC83 2y103d ago failed 1h9m 1524M
Run #39770 IB1_weka_nominal GoodStudents no chuertas 2y311d ago failed 5h0m 418M
Run #39452 IB1_weka_nominal Los tres mosqueteros no chuertas 2y362d ago done 1h40m 418M 0.096
Run #39063 IB1_weka_nominal Ot Products no chuertas 3y34d ago failed 5h0m 418M
Run #38021 IB1_weka_nominal Axon Cars d50 t200 no chuertas 3y104d ago done 1h7m 418M 0.858
Run #37803 IB1_weka_nominal Plancarta r16.0 no chuertas 3y122d ago failed 46m13s 1077M
Run #37495 IB1_weka_nominal Full handVsType Reduced no chuertas 3y163d ago failed 1d0h 418M
Run #37142 IB1_weka_nominal HealthyS12AsthmaS12 no zeros no OlavRG 3y182d ago done 4m56s 428M 0.190
Run #36879 IB1_weka_nominal mt_error_reranking no favre 3y206d ago done 26m13s 418M 0.591
Run #36616 IB1_weka_nominal asthma_breath_spectra_nonans no tycho01 3y248d ago done 4m43s 418M 0.405
Run #35535 IB1_weka_nominal ro-lts no chuertas 3y347d ago failed 1h0m 418M
Run #29178 IB1_weka_nominal fml_project2 no gtledward 4y340d ago done 16s 418M 0.510
Run #29064 IB1_weka_nominal actors_b no evolk 4y359d ago done 53m45s 418M 0.669
Run #28986 IB1_weka_nominal 198pgpopPts no linflyer 4y361d ago done 22s 423M 0.220
Run #28973 IB1_weka_nominal actors no evolk 4y361d ago done 4h39m 418M 0.677
Run #28943 IB1_weka_nominal beniat no beniat18 5y0d ago done 2h19m 423M 0.201
Run #28939 IB1_weka_nominal pca_perc_diff no evolk 5y1d ago done 1m4s 418M 0.667
Run #28852 IB1_weka_nominal Sca All Direction no andresvila 5y5d ago done 8m32s 423M 0.015
Run #28853 IB1_weka_nominal Sca Mov Direction no andresvila 5y5d ago done 13s 423M 0
Run #28720 IB1_weka_nominal Sca Motion no andresvila 5y5d ago done 3m58s 424M 0.011
Run #28456 IB1_weka_nominal NORMALIZED DATA no GregSen 5y46d ago done 11s 418M 0.301
Run #28049 IB1_weka_nominal correct s1 eg2008jk no emrah 5y103d ago failed 4h56m 429M
Run #28032 IB1_weka_nominal correct s eg2008jk no emrah 5y103d ago failed 4h40m 429M
Run #26993 IB1_weka_nominal zhangjun no blazebird 5y270d ago failed 5h0m 424M

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