Low dimensional matrix factorization using alternating least squares.

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ID Program Dataset Tuned hyper. User Updated << Status Total time Memory Error
Run #40247 whoburg-ALS_K3-r testlg no soryn1 1y14d ago failed 1s 18M
Run #17704 whoburg-ALS_K3-r WordSegmentationData no internal 4y54d ago done 0.114
Run #17705 whoburg-ALS_K3-r CollaborativeFilteringData no internal 4y54d ago done 0.942
Run #2277 whoburg-ALS_K3-r eachmovie no internal 6y243d ago failed 5h0m 136M
Run #2276 whoburg-ALS_K3-r movielens1m no internal 6y244d ago failed 5h0m 81M
Run #2278 whoburg-ALS_K3-r cs281amovielens no internal 5y324d ago done 41s 50M 0.808
Run #1317 whoburg-ALS_K3-r eachmovie-1to5 no lester 6y283d ago failed 10h0m 150M
Run #1118 whoburg-ALS_K3-r movielens100k no whoburg 5y324d ago done 1h10m 60M 0.959
Run #1117 whoburg-ALS_K3-r collaborativefiltering-sample no whoburg 5y324d ago done 2s 423M 1.86

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