Program_img2boostexter 500r no-awk
Adaboost on single level decision trees. Removed awk-dependency and rounds reduced to 500

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ID Program Dataset Tuned hyper. User Updated << Status Total time Memory Error
Run #39430 boostexter 500r no-awk Los tres mosqueteros no chuertas 3y1d ago done 16s 37M 0.047
Run #39052 boostexter 500r no-awk Ot Products no chuertas 3y39d ago done 4m32s 71M 0.224
Run #38958 boostexter 500r no-awk Eye Plain v0 no chuertas 3y54d ago done 46m56s 204M 0.268
Run #38749 boostexter 500r no-awk Virus 183,855x9 00-FF w/Chi2 (Small Train) no chuertas 3y69d ago done 27m14s 269M 0.011
Run #38741 boostexter 500r no-awk multiclass-sample no chuertas 3y70d ago done 1s 30M 0.500

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