A program performs a machine learning task (e.g., regression, binary classification), taking a dataset as input.

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Name User Created Disk usage #runs Status Rating << Task type
jjariyas-svdj-r jjariyas 7y320d ago 5K 30 checked 68 CollaborativeFiltering
HmbFS-t1.0 +bb200x2 chuertas 2y331d ago 8M 102 checked 68 MulticlassClassification
HmbFS S1 chuertas 3y163d ago 8M 326 checked 66 MulticlassClassification
bonzaiboost-n200-d2 pepin_de_landen 6y74d ago 8M 522 checked 65 MulticlassClassification
HmbFS SH chuertas 3y163d ago 8M 172 checked 65 MulticlassClassification
HmbFS R1 chuertas 3y163d ago 8M 305 checked 65 MulticlassClassification
HmbFS RH chuertas 3y163d ago 8M 168 checked 64 MulticlassClassification
minimalist-boost favre 6y344d ago 23K 438 checked 63 MulticlassClassification
bonzaiboost-n1000-d1 pepin_de_landen 6y74d ago 8M 410 checked 63 MulticlassClassification
Chi2 +bB chuertas 3y156d ago 9M 67 checked 63 MulticlassClassification
GBRT henss 4y227d ago 22M 48 checked 63 Regression
MyMediaLite-biased-matrix-factorization-k-40 zenogantner 6y84d ago 425K 15 checked 63 CollaborativeFiltering
MyMediaLite-user-item-baseline zenogantner 6y83d ago 425K 17 checked 61 CollaborativeFiltering
MyMediaLite-biased-matrix-factorization-k-5 zenogantner 6y84d ago 425K 14 checked 61 CollaborativeFiltering
bonzaiboost-n400-d4 chuertas 2y318d ago 8M 22 checked 61 MulticlassClassification
MyMediaLite-matrix-factorization-k-10 zenogantner 6y84d ago 425K 21 checked 60 CollaborativeFiltering
MyMediaLite-biased-matrix-factorization-k-60 zenogantner 6y84d ago 425K 14 checked 60 CollaborativeFiltering
MyMediaLite-biased-matrix-factorization-k-10 zenogantner 6y84d ago 425K 13 checked 60 CollaborativeFiltering
MyMediaLite-matrix-factorization-k-5 zenogantner 6y84d ago 425K 21 checked 60 CollaborativeFiltering
MyMediaLite-matrix-factorization-k-20 zenogantner 6y84d ago 425K 19 checked 60 CollaborativeFiltering
MyMediaLite-matrix-factorization-k-60 zenogantner 6y84d ago 425K 22 checked 60 CollaborativeFiltering
HmbFS SF chuertas 3y161d ago 8M 22 checked 60 MulticlassClassification
MyMediaLite-slopeone zenogantner 6y84d ago 424K 17 checked 60 CollaborativeFiltering
liblinear-s6-B1 ivank 6y356d ago 199K 293 checked 60 BinaryClassification
MyMediaLite-user-average zenogantner 6y84d ago 424K 11 checked 59 CollaborativeFiltering