A program performs a machine learning task (e.g., regression, binary classification), taking a dataset as input.

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Name User Created Disk usage #runs Status Rating << Task type
HmbFS-t1.0 +bb200x2 chuertas 1y31d ago 8M 86 checked 69 MulticlassClassification
jjariyas-svdj-r jjariyas 6y20d ago 5K 24 checked 68 CollaborativeFiltering
HmbFS S1 chuertas 1y229d ago 8M 321 checked 66 MulticlassClassification
HmbFS SH chuertas 1y229d ago 8M 170 checked 65 MulticlassClassification
bonzaiboost-n200-d2 pepin_de_landen 4y140d ago 8M 519 checked 65 MulticlassClassification
HmbFS RH chuertas 1y229d ago 8M 166 checked 65 MulticlassClassification
HmbFS R1 chuertas 1y229d ago 8M 303 checked 65 MulticlassClassification
bonzaiboost-n400-d4 chuertas 1y18d ago 8M 19 checked 64 MulticlassClassification
Chi2 +bB chuertas 1y221d ago 9M 64 checked 63 MulticlassClassification
bonzaiboost-n1000-d1 pepin_de_landen 4y140d ago 8M 407 checked 63 MulticlassClassification
minimalist-boost favre 5y44d ago 23K 434 checked 63 MulticlassClassification
MyMediaLite-biased-matrix-factorization-k-40 zenogantner 4y149d ago 425K 15 checked 63 CollaborativeFiltering
GBRT henss 2y293d ago 22M 44 checked 62 Regression
MyMediaLite-user-item-baseline zenogantner 4y149d ago 425K 17 checked 61 CollaborativeFiltering
MyMediaLite-biased-matrix-factorization-k-5 zenogantner 4y149d ago 425K 14 checked 61 CollaborativeFiltering
HmbFS SF chuertas 1y226d ago 8M 21 checked 61 MulticlassClassification
MyMediaLite-matrix-factorization-k-10 zenogantner 4y149d ago 425K 21 checked 60 CollaborativeFiltering
MyMediaLite-biased-matrix-factorization-k-60 zenogantner 4y149d ago 425K 14 checked 60 CollaborativeFiltering
MyMediaLite-biased-matrix-factorization-k-10 zenogantner 4y149d ago 425K 13 checked 60 CollaborativeFiltering
MyMediaLite-matrix-factorization-k-5 zenogantner 4y149d ago 425K 21 checked 60 CollaborativeFiltering
MyMediaLite-matrix-factorization-k-20 zenogantner 4y149d ago 425K 19 checked 60 CollaborativeFiltering
MyMediaLite-matrix-factorization-k-60 zenogantner 4y149d ago 425K 21 checked 60 CollaborativeFiltering
MyMediaLite-slopeone zenogantner 4y150d ago 424K 16 checked 60 CollaborativeFiltering
liblinear-s6-B1 ivank 5y57d ago 199K 288 checked 59 BinaryClassification
MyMediaLite-user-average zenogantner 4y150d ago 424K 11 checked 59 CollaborativeFiltering